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Foto, D’Antoni & Cain have expert attorneys committed to offering high-quality, result-oriented, and personalized legal representation for clients nationally and internationally.

Enabled with extensive expertise and resources but with the individualized service and responsiveness of a boutique firm, our attorneys are ready to assist you with your business matters, regardless of whether they involve small, medium, or large businesses.

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Our range of business law services is comprehensive, covering everything from basic operating agreements and contracts to intricate corporate transactions. Whether you’re in the initial stages of business formation and structuring, managing day-to-day compliance and governance, or looking to grow through investments, mergers, and acquisitions, purchasing and selling assets, purchasing and selling membership or stock interest, joint venture agreements, licensing agreements, and services agreements, our seasoned legal team is at your service.

We emphasize a preventative approach to business law, focusing on meticulous planning and expert document drafting to mitigate future risks. While our attorneys are prepared to guide you from the inception of your business, we also recognize that challenges may arise later.  Should negotiations reach an impasse, our litigation team is committed to representing your interests until a resolution is achieved.

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Taking Your Business Global

One of our team’s key differentiators is that we have experienced international attorneys ready to assist you in internationalizing your business and navigating negotiations, distributorship, licensing, customs, and all transactions directly associated with getting your services or products to new shores. Our team is skilled and prepared to assist foreign investors in the U.S., representing them in corporate structuring and commercial transactions concerning U.S. and international tax implications.


International trade encompasses various risks, and one of the most significant among them is the uncertainty that arises between sellers and buyers regarding payment.

Foto D’Antoni & Cain’s highly experienced team acts as a reliable third party to whom funds can be entrusted until specific conditions that are tailored to your transaction are fulfilled. By relying on escrow attorneys, both parties can benefit from a secure cash-in-advance approach, ensuring a mutually beneficial transaction.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how escrow works

  • The buyer and seller agree on the purchase of a property.
  • The buyer deposits the agreed-upon amount with the escrow company to demonstrate their financial capability for the transaction.
  • The escrow agent holds the funds securely until all the contractual requirements are fulfilled.
  • Once both parties have successfully fulfilled their contractual obligations, the escrow agent releases the funds to the seller.
  • Simultaneously, the property ownership is transferred from the seller to the buyer, completing the transaction.
  • Throughout this process, our dedicated escrow attorneys team functions as a trusted and neutral intermediary, ensuring that both the buyer and seller fulfill their obligations before the funds are released and the property is transferred.

Why us?

We are supervised by IOLTA, with comprehensive compliance regulations.

We will provide you with a proposal for escrow services within one day of your request and guarantee that the escrow contract and structure can be set up in no more than two weeks.

We offer customized solutions to your business needs.